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Its Sometimes Hard To Understand The World

February 9, 2012


August 18, 2011

Ever Looked at the ‘Bic’ logo and thought….what the hell is that strange man hiding behind his back? Why doesn’t he just come clean for once? let the us see Bic-man.

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Kim Noble: The North and other places

October 4, 2010

The national & international tour of ‘KIM NOBLE WILL DIE’ continues slowly

This week i am going to Manchester, which is in the north of England.

image courtesy of Google Maps

I’m a bit nervous because i over heard some one the bus saying that the north is a toilet. (although he might have said that in the north there IS a toilet, or that he WENT to the toilet in the north)

I am pleased that its not too far to manchester, less than 2 inches from London.

8th October @ the greenrooms, Manchester ticket info here

For information on other future performances & new work, then if you click here it will help


KIM NOBLE ON : Caring for people with depression

October 23, 2009

MY darlings
please read the london underground signage on the northern line for priority seating.

false tube sign

i believe they’ve made a mistake. it should thus:

 correct tube sign

so next time please give up your seat for a manic depressive whose done well to make it this far.

KIM NOBLE ON: how cars helped save our planet yesterday

October 2, 2009

I didn’t know him.
But I got a pretty good idea he died yesterday on high holborn.

The incident happened only moments before the 171, I was on, passed him by.
I don’t think he feel from the sky.
So I assume he was hit by a vehicle, possibly a ford focus.

But the feeling I had was one of enormous joy;
He might have been a nob.
And that’s a scientific fact.
I made the calculation; out of everyone I’ve meet/known/or seen at least 60% fall into the bracket of ‘people who annoy me’
Therefore, the chances are, he was a fucken dick. A complete arsehole.
no one around seemed to give two hoots about him; the postman, the lady with a bike eating a snickers, the fella asking the police for directions to the council offices.
no one cared, apart from those being paid to do so, even the woman hovering over the body was asking if they could push it over to the gutter, because she was in a rush to drop the kids off at the pool (and by that i mean she wanted a shit).
I feel for his parents though.Having to bring him up.
They must be well chuffed.

High Holbern 6.16 Yesterday

High Holbern 6.16 Yesterday

Good I say.
More sacrifices please.
There are too many of us anyway.

kim noble on – how to read more.

September 28, 2009

yesterday I decided not to enter next years  X FACTOR, I’m going to reject the chance to perform on AMERICANS SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, I’m going to throw caution to the wind and rebuff my opportunity to be on BRITAINS GOT TALENT. BIG BROTHERS only got one more series anyway and I’m not realy a celebrity (even though I did once get offered a vodaphone advert and I once auditioned for a harry hill pilot) so im not going to the jungle. I’m thankful because it means in 2010 I’ll have a bit more time on my hands. I plan to do some do some reading. 

joy of sex

kim noble on deception

September 23, 2009


a  wonder spot. in cornwall. the sun shone down. everything tranquil (from a distance)

yet looks can be deceptive. things under more scrutiny aren’t always so pleasant . 

take a nice ready meal from morrisons. it may look tasty on the packet, yet 30 minutes in 190 oven and its transformed into something resembling cooked and bleached cat food…

what a shame then as one strolls across sandy beaches in idyllic  surroundings one discovers that…

 sand aids

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