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Cuts and government cut backs (a short story)

November 12, 2010


2 month ago i sat waiting for my tube.

my eye was diverted to 3 pieces of rubbish.


being eco friendly i decided to select one bit of rubbish, to recycle or dispose of in the appropriate receptacle

the object in question was a slightly used plaster.

i pictured the initial user and the pain he or she might have suffered;


i felt i couldn’t throw it away.

so i took it home. This was more than just a discarded plaster.

This was a symbol of healing, a memento of pain, an object of hope in this dark time of cuts and cut backs.

i made  a little shrine for it and its user.




So imagine my delight when i cut myself in the kitchen chopping a potato some weeks after


and that very same plaster came in very handy.

(although I had to use a little pritt stick, it worked fine)


and now my cut has healed, i have no more use for that plaster, and want it to have a happy home

so i am offering it to anyone who needs it.

If you want it then send me your address and i’d be happy to send it on.


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