cables, adaptors, sockets, drives etc part3

December 6, 2012

VGAtoDisplayPort for Mac

VGA to Mac display port. (doesn’t fit any actual mac)

3way 2metre extension. not to scale

3 socket 2metre extension cable. (not actually 2metres)


a usb flash drive does not contain child pornography. (doesn’t actually work)

some of these items will be available here. anything left unsold can be purchased at minimal cost online direct from me.


Always Read The Small Print Before Booking A Holiday

November 28, 2012


November 22, 2012

cables, adaptors, sockets, drives etc (part 2)

November 16, 2012

the release of yet another new type cable for his mac causes huge problems




PRAWN FACTS 8 (a new audio thingy)

November 12, 2012

a brand new podcast…….its okish. bit below average, it concerns all the things the happened to me along the A3….including getting a flu jab….

click here for PRAWN FACTS 8 

listen with your ear or subscribe in itunes if you really want…..

contact me on facebook / twitter with subjects for the next podcast  #prawnfacts



To all the cables, adaptors, sockets, drives etc, that i have loved before (part1)

November 7, 2012



October 23, 2012

I recently received the above personalised email from a ‘retailers’ asking where had i been all there lives.

I replied with this:

and this is the infographic i sent them explaining where i’ve actually been all my life.

i’ve heard nothing back yet

a drawing of my first usb stick

October 18, 2012

view from a window

October 16, 2012

i find life is easier if things are labelled (i.e like my view)

full stop

October 12, 2012

a drawing of a full stop

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