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CLICK HERE for Prawn Facts 8 (A journey down the A3)

One journey along the A3 includes : getting a flu jab, a call to Virgin Media from a carpark in a petrol station, a visit to PC World, and an old peoples home

CLICK HERE for Prawn Facts 7   How To Get A Lucrative Sponsorship Deal

how to get sponsorship. we contact BP & Sainsbury’s  to get this podcast sponsored. We are hoping to bring a prize of a barrell of oil. but this months competition is slightly scaled down.


4 conversations concerning christianity

listen to this and you will be forgiven, hear God speaking on the phone, learn why jesus should have gone to Argos

CLICK HERE for PRAWN FACTS 5   Listen/download/subscribe on itunes DRIVING 

this episode is about driving. We go under cover in an attempt to uncover a scam in 2nd hand car dealings. plus other shit.

CLICK HERE for PRAWN FACTS Listen/download on itunes To EPISODE 4  PASTA

Have you ever tried to buy pasta? what a nightmare. This audio piece is a tale of woe, its a bit like an audio Moby Dick, except in place of the whale, is pasta.

CLICK HERE for PRAWN FACTS Listen/download on itunes TO EPISODE 3 SITTING

i speak to a bank about investments & spend an hour at DFS.

CLICK HERE For PRAWN FACTS listen/download/subscribe TO EPISODE 2 :

The Kenwood Multi Function Blender IS NOT THE deal breaker and other audio bits


episode 1: 10 minutes of thoughts/recordings/musings on stuff, made alongside a small video projection being shown at Project Art Centre, Dublin

click here to listen to episode 1
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4 Responses to “KIM NOBLE PODCASTS”

  1. A Noble Podcast « The Velvet Onion Says:

    […] your ears and mind here yonder to Prawn Facts and it is also available on iTunes – the download links can be found […]

  2. (not) UNDERSTANDING WOMEN #2 « Kimnoble's Blog Says:

    […] to podcast #1 here Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailMoreLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  3. Jamie Says:


  4. Other podcasts we like | 4amcab Says:

    […] Kim Noble’s Prawn Facts If you’ve never entered Mr Kim Noble’s world, then prepare for a bizarre treat.  He reminds me of that awkward schoolboy that sat in the corner of the classroom and had pockets full of marbles and snot all over his face.  A misfit that never really managed to develop his social skills at the same rate as everyone else.  Of course, this could be an elaborate cover and he may be the life and soul fo the party in real life.  His Prawn Facts podcast, of which there are currently seven episodes available, take the form of an investigative journalism approach to a theme or subject and are forged from phonecalls, vox pops and monologues that circle around and back to where they began.  An entertaining and creative listen.  Follow him on twitter too for photos and commentry of him surreptitiously touching things in public without their owner knowing. […]

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