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KIM NOBLES WORLD CUP BID & other failures

December 2, 2010

my presentation to fifa

i can only take part responsiblity for englands failed world cup bid. I thought my power point demo wasn’t bad. I went on after Prince william. who was absolutely shitting himself in greenroom before.

i now fly straight from zurich to Bristol to deliver 2 other failed presentations @ inbetweentime  festival


Kim noble will die (4th Dec). details here
You are Not Alone. (5th Dec) (dont bother coming to this as it’ll be shit work in progress) details here

undeterred, i’m now working on the finishing touches to my peckham 2026 world cup logo. i’ll be concentrating on the fantastic bus network.

ENGLAND I HATE YOU (an ode to the team)

June 19, 2010

my web


June 8, 2010


a recent report stated that as many as 68% of employee’s questioned would consider skipping work to watch the games.

another report stated that the output of workforces across the country may drop by 5% over the coming month.

I, for one, haven’t produced anything of note during the build up,
except this globule of mucus, resulting from a sore-throat and slight fever.

i was amazed and thrilled to see the shape of my discharge resembled the shape of our green and pleasant land…without the useless bits (wales and scotland).
Come On Eng er land…

Oh my web

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