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November 19, 2010


Well a new therapy is available for free.

Just spend a few minutes everyday in the dog food section of your local supermarket


With names like:  Winalot (yes you are victorious), Hero (thats you), Pal (you have many friends), cesar (a Roman Emporor to boot), how can you not feel more passionate about life.

however i feel we may be ignoring reality here…so i’ve decided to make my own dog food to bring us back to earth.

printing my own labels at home,

re-labeling some cans, and placing them back on the shelves, i bring you an all new dog food….

…LIFES A BITCH (because it is)

me web



December 6, 2009

113 of these ejaculate filled pots, produced and frozen since April 09. I am tired.
I am thinking of selling them online. but i’m unsure of the pricing…

and here are 2 previews:
one in the times
and the other in the independent on sunday, the lords day.

click here for details on the show…or here for some porn

KIM NOBLE ON : Caring for people with depression

October 23, 2009

MY darlings
please read the london underground signage on the northern line for priority seating.

false tube sign

i believe they’ve made a mistake. it should thus:

 correct tube sign

so next time please give up your seat for a manic depressive whose done well to make it this far.

Reducing Obesity

September 6, 2009

trim flakes

having bought 20 packets of trimflakes from morrisons…i’ve now started to work on a new prototype toy, to be placed in the packets, as a promotional gift to increase the sales and then place them all back on the shelves….thus tackling obesity face on.

the new ‘toy’ i am thinking about is a mini Floella Benjamin in various positions and a mini Kim Noble
that can be linked together.

these will be available in a month. new toys available

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