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happy valentines day.

February 11, 2013

on repeat….


November 22, 2012


October 23, 2012

I recently received the above personalised email from a ‘retailers’ asking where had i been all there lives.

I replied with this:

and this is the infographic i sent them explaining where i’ve actually been all my life.

i’ve heard nothing back yet

happy valentines day.

February 12, 2012

My Response to A Phone Companies Survey

January 30, 2012

people and the internet

January 11, 2012

PLAYING IT COOL (latest video by Kim Noble)

May 9, 2011

Kim Noble Helps with Marital Problems

January 3, 2011

This wedding card was found on the pavement outside number 65.

How many of these does your marriage have?

Joe & Tonia made references to marriage having Potholes which is not the most sensitive to say in a ‘congratulations card’. I wonder what these potholes will be.


Wife has affair
Husband has affair
Wife dies
Husband dies
Wife becomes vegetable
Husband Becomes vegetable
Wife leaves Husband
Husband leaves wife
Wife wakes up one morning and wonders where all the love went.
Husband leaves the house and crosses the road but slips and twists his ankle in a pothole. he fills a report to the council.

If your having marital problems click here


KIM NOBLE is sexual restricted

December 13, 2010

its been brought to my attention that at several offices around the country my blog has been blocked. With ‘sex’ being the main reason

i hate to feel i’m responsible for declining workrates of this countries wonderful workforce.

so from now on i’m personally filtering all my content

so don’t click here
or here or here

and i’d advise you dont click here without parental constent.

avoid this link if you are at work.
Concentrate please! This country needs you! so dont distract your self with this filth or this

Keep working! thankyou.

Kim Noble on : Boycott GangBangs in Halfords & I hate Gingers

September 11, 2010

I love my car. I’ve gone to Portsmouth and back inside her. I’ve kissed insided her. I’ve transported an ikea flat pack table inside her. i’ve masterbated in the car park at morrisons inside her. Shes a little sluggish on motorways but great around the city.

so it was heart breaking to see the one i love get touched up and fingered by some ginger cunt who works at Halfords.

and then horror turned to disgust when i saw 3 black men, none of whom were wearing protection rooting around inside this poor slag.

I have decided to boycott this abhorrent firm and i beg you to do the same.
This is the genuine email I sent to Halfords.

I await a reply.

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