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September 30, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you.
Its important for businesses to know their audience, who they are, where they come from.
On a blog or webpage its possible to research how people get to your site. It can give you valuable knowledge to increase ‘traffic’.

how ever readers i was quite bemused to find that on a number of days the search engine term which most people typed and found this page was : “dead woman“.

the term “shark attack” was also quite high on visitors minds who visited this page.

now i quite like dead women and i’ve never been against shark attack victims but i was alarmed that even the word “frisbee” occurred higher than that of my actual name. I FUCKEN HATE frisbee. It is just wrong and everyone who enjoys throwing a red bit of plastic around a park is a dick.

i’d like to think i cover a range of subjects but obviously people are only interested in dead women who died in shark attacks whilst playing frisbee. So from now on my blogs will focus on that niche market.


-Sharks attacked by zombie women
-Your existence.
-I would like you to cover customer feedback.
-Women having sex with Dead Sharks … with frisbees in there somewhere
-dead women who died from shark attacks throwing a gay bit of plastic around a park
-that guy who cannibalised a passenger on a canadian bus
-evolve your blog into a ‘price comparison’ website like Go Compare
-I followed you from DSI… guilty pleasures
-I want to stick my finger up my japs eye and look at that dirty cunt Lineker
-throwing dead sharks at Arsenal fans in a park

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