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March 3, 2011

Thursday 3rd Of March is World Book Day and i’m reading a book

The EX350 Generator User Manual is "un-put downable" ** (2 stars) ((out of 3 stars))

Tune in on the 13th of August for World Left handers day, when i’ll be using my left hand.


Also i’ll be donning my wheelchair and blowing the dust off my hearing aids cos i’m speaking here this weekend

Deleted Scene: Toy Story 3 & REVIEW

September 3, 2010

Toy Story 3     MY REVIEW

Animated human kids always make me want to punch a real one and there were far too many in this film. Andy has turned into a right fucken soft twat. Christ if he was my son (yes i realise that does mean actually sleeping with a lady)..i’d try to get him put down. But a fantastic build and a brilliant filmic climax….if only the bosses at pixar would have let all the characters die as they plunged to certain death…it would have been the best film ending ever made…

(4 cocks out of 6.3)



August 20, 2010

Its strange to commence a piece of writing with the phrase ‘words fail me’ and then go on to use words to describe something. but in this case I’m not going to. what I’m going to do, is say: “Inception, words fail me’ then I’m going to make myself vomit into a jar and drink it, vomit it up and drink it again…I will repeat this for over 2 hours 30 minutes, the time it took me to watch that ‘absolute shite’ (my intial review I used as I left the cinema)

The group of nobs in an office that came up with that “oh so trying to be clever..but ended up absolute nonsense” screenplay should be shot.
And to save you time and money in the end it was either 1) all a dream 2) a set up for an even worse sequel.
To the ‘friend’ that suggested we go…you’re a fucken bitch.

(1 out of 18 cocks..because it made me want to kill again and thats no bad thing)

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