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David Cameron Answers Testing Questions

March 26, 2012

Some W***** answering some tricky questions on the cash for dinner scandal

BANKS (please leave me alone)

January 19, 2012

a quick drawing of David

February 7, 2011

After giving some speech on Multi-culturalism, David takes his over due book on 'Englands Woodlands' by Alan Titchmarsh back to his local library (which closes next month). He asks the librarian for a book with pictures in it on 'nazis'. She pulls a gun from her bag and shoots him in the head. The man, after signing on, reads a romantic novel turns and says: "shhhhhh..." pointing to the 'quiet please' sign.


January 30, 2011

The protest about the build up of rubbish under my car seat brought a huge police presence, but the lack of public support was disappointing


December 27, 2010

Camilla's Shock as Kim Noble demonstrates the size of his Salmon En Croute


student fees & library fines. Take action.

December 10, 2010

In light of the cunting government voting in favour of tuition fee rises & my library fine of £2.50 i found this car sticker very crass and inappropriate.

The car also had one of these ‘child on board sign’. Christ. I hate these people so much. i hope their naughty little shit gets run over today.

and to compound our nations woes, in the glove box was a Coldplay cd.

i had one of these

and some of this.

so i did this. serve the fucker a lesson. I’m anti tuition fee’s


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