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Suicide At The Tate

July 25, 2012

yesterday, a suited man lept to his death from 100ft up from a balcony  at The Tate Modern.

he landed about here.

just inside the adjacent wall hangs this photograph. A reconstruction of the Yves Kleins ‘Leap Into The Void’

some sentence about art mirroring life seems a little crass right now.

RIP whoever you are.

a (kind of bad) joke

February 23, 2012

i nearly stole that today...but i thought that would be taking the piss. so i didn't.


September 8, 2011

I feel Sad, alone and depressed. (but at least i have this)

July 6, 2010

Today i have only cried once. A dramatic improvement on yesterday.

my websito

KIM NOBLE : is a ginger prick & Rohypnol

April 21, 2010

Today i bought a Bible… but i digress….
I was recently described amongst other things as being a ginger prick at student comedy night.
(and yes, i agree, do have a disgusting stomach…but its not as bad as it was a few years back during the pregnancy)

me pregnant

Although factually incorrect in places i have taken onboard all comments made…

I digress….today i bought a bible and on the way home i saw this woman who seemed so lovely and peaceful that i decided to leave her to another would be attacker.

an advertisement for Rohypnol & Rape or Oxford Landing's Sauvignon Blanc or Investment in The Underground

my webosit


April 6, 2010

my web-sit


February 25, 2010

Today i saw this blind man on the underground.

I thought about all the difficulties he may face today…not just in getting about London, but also at home.
For instance; aiming must be a real problem. The rim of the bowl must be quite a mess. And the floor around the toilet base. I feel sure there must even be a fair amount of ‘splash’ on the surrounding walls.

I also saw this lady today


February 18, 2010

(recommended listening for this page)

The Television advertisement states: 40% of men over 40 will experience some form of erectile disfunction.
Thats 1% chance for each year of your life. I wish i was 5 again.
I’m 35 and i certainly experienced a few % the other night.

below are a few examples to eradicate the stigma attached





KIM NOBLE : a Belgian isn’t in a coma

December 1, 2009

There are few people who are worth their place on this planet. Rom Houben is one of those.
The Belgian man, surviving a horific car crash was thought to be in a vegetative state for 23 years, however he was conscious all along..he has lived in a state of non-communication with the outisde world until now. I admire this man.

If Esther Rantzen was still alive i’m sure a ‘heart of gold’ badge would be winging its way to Liege. And deservedly so.

Rom with his special keyboard

After a new head scan, doctors found that his brain was active and he can now communicate using a special keypad.

It made me think of other so called ‘vegetables’

A vegetable?

and the stories they might tell if they were given special keypads.

a vegetable with speakable pad allowing communication

Fotunately for Rom, he is from belgium, so he didn’t actually miss anything.

KIM NOBLE ON : being disabled

November 2, 2009

still terrorist
last month i was asked to provide a film, previously made, for a forthcoming event at the soho curzon cinema.
i was happy to oblige as the short film entitled: How to survive a terrorist attack, was banned from an event at the Tate last year.

However the event at the cinema is discribed as : Short Films and Discussion On The Disabled Vanguard.
Now i’m delighted to be labelled ‘disabled’. but i’m unsure exactly why?
I dont use one of these:
(although i did wheel myself round a shopping precinct in Preston many years ago)
i am dyslexic.
i did once shit myself.
i suffer from occasional mental disturbances.
i have ginger hair.
and bad breath.

I’m happy with these to be used as my reason for joining the ‘less-abled’ amongst us as long as i can now officially park here:

link to film at curzon on 8th nov 09

parking bay

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