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say a prayer for Celine Dion

July 23, 2010

i visited a church in montreal. Tour guide was so proud to announce that Celine Dion got married here.

i took a moment to light a candle for her….i prayed for her…

the candle cost $1. i felt bad that all my thoughts were dedicated to one person so…

and while i was there i also lit a candle and prayed for…

Elton John..

Vanilla ice…godbless you

Phil Collins…i once bought your album

britney..this flame is for you

Peter Andre…i hope your relationships and child custody case goes well

Bryan Adams

Chesney Hawks…a moment for you.

and to the entire group of ‘Westlife’….

In total i lit 68 candles…

(i can only apologise if i’ve left any other tossers out of my thoughts….let me know and i’ll do my best to make it up to you)

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