Letter sent to The Archbishop about Gay Marriage

letter to An Archbishop

to Vincent Nichols (Head of Catholic Church in England)

Dear Archbishop.

I am not one to normally type a letter of complaint but this sickness in my stomach has prompted it.  
The sickening feeling stems from the fact that in the UK in the year 2012 people are still discriminated against because of  the colour of their skin or their sexually orientation or gender. (or hair colour…i’m ginger sadly)
I am not religious, but i’m not against people practising it aslong as they dont do harm to others. 
Being in a position of power, as the head of the catholic church in england, your views sadly gain a high level of exposure in the news. i believe your strong views opposing gay marriage do a lot of harm to a lot of different people.  
i am not a homosexual. (although my friends often call me one) but i’m not against people practising it. As long as they keep the noise down at their parties.
Firstly you’re discriminating against the gay community no matter how you disguise your supposed ‘more liberal’ views on homosexuality or this ‘strange survey’ you mention.
Secondly, this concept of marriage, which you claim is solely for the purpose of procreation. (there are actually a lot of couples currently in Guildford that are married not for this purpose.) The teachings of bible in the 21st century can’t be taken word for word, your holiness.  
Thirdly: you are damaging the reputation of your own church and religion in general by isolating yourself from a forward thinking society by pandering to the Vatican. The reputation of the catholic church is already quite damaged.
Fourthly and most worryingly you are promoting a ideology of intolerance. no matter what one believes, this intolerance and bigotry is extremely dangerous and i find it sickening and it has no place in the twenty first century. thank you. 
peace to all men. (even ones that like other mens bottoms) and women (even women that like other womens front bottoms)  
yours sincerely
Kim Noble

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