KIM NOBLE on SELF ASSESSMENT TAX RETURNS (from 2009/2010 accounts)

HERE is an old blog from me but its that time of the year…so here it is again


Tax doesn’t have to be taxing says Moira Stewart on the advert.

me licking Moira Stewart out.

Being a freelancing nob, once a year i have to trail through my reciepts…and this year…behind the crumpled strips of paper….

Dinner for 2 receipt

….a story unfolded of a relationship, resturant bills, spiralling mobile bills, bar drinks, flowers …and then nothing. The relationship was over.

In order for the next financial year to be just as interesting i’ve taken to buying women’s lingerie and condoms…so my tax return for next year, 2009/10 will tell just as interesting story.

womens stuff

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