Kill (or spit at least) An Artist Today.

Alarmingly reports show that by 2025 there will be more artists in the UK than humans. This will put a huge burden on my already crumbling infrastructure. We need to start the culling of artists. Please support this campaign by slowly ridding the country of this vermin.

alternatively go out with one. After a year move in.  After 3 years, one night, while the artist  sleeps, place a pillow over its head and press down firmly.

put it on the street outside on a thursday  morning  and the council will collect it.


2 Responses to “Kill (or spit at least) An Artist Today.”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Gotta say I completely agree with you on this one Kim. Everyone thinks they’re a fucking artist these days. Cunts.

  2. Stewart Says:

    I tried starting this years ago, but all my attempts to terminate myself failed, and no fucker even noticed.
    at least I’ve stopped making ‘Art’, so that’s helped…

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