please piss and vomit into alleyways responsibly

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2 Responses to “CELEBRATION”

  1. Paul Bassett Davies Says:

    This depiction of decent, honest folk enjoying themselves in the traditional manner, unconstrained by the disapproval of the politically correct brigade, is the type of illustration that should grace the stained glass windows of our churches, and, indeed, the walls of every place of worship, school, prison, mental home and all other institutions, in an ecumenical initiative to remind us all that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. “God Bless us, one and all,” in the words of Tiny Tim.

    • Gareth Susan James Says:

      Hear! hear! sir, at last someone who is speaking up for the silent majority. The treatment I and others recieve whilst going about our weekly entertainment is shocking.
      Isn’t this what people have laid their lives down for?
      In this day and age, to be castigated for expressing ones self I find abhorent.

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