Fancy a change of career? Why not join the Police Force?

police have the 2nd highest rate of divorce of any profession.
and they are 3 times more likely to die in their own hands than in the cause of duty.
so i decided to comfort one of them…

i was then presented with the opportunity to
discover close up what it actually felt like to be one

i initially became a power-crazied w*****, and felt i should change my name to Keith…but these feelings subsided to just wanting to arrest someone from an ethnic minority and shoot a innocent brazilian. i now earn £35,979, have a drinking problem and find interaction with people outside of the force very difficult. i hated myself before..but i hate myself even more now. move along please..nothing to see here.

One Response to “Fancy a change of career? Why not join the Police Force?”

  1. tigerandbear Says:

    That little specky twat in the first picture only looks about 12 years old. If I was in a riot I would try and go for him first.

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