Why Do We Like Celebrity Chefs (they are tossers)

I don’t like many human subspecies
but one i despise the most are celebrity chefs.
So i was delighted to finally be given the opportunity to make my comprehensive feelings know to them.

Is celebrity chef Greg Wallace a tosser? Yes he is.

They must to be told. It can’t continue
More celebrity chefs must know our feelings and soon we can live in a land free of their tyranny & duck a l’orange.

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5 Responses to “Why Do We Like Celebrity Chefs (they are tossers)”

  1. forty year clown Says:

    i am sorry to say Kim that Greg Wallace is in fact not a chef, just a presenter!!
    I hope that middle finger is not wasted on a real chef.ha ha

  2. St Greg Says:

    Ha ha great! He looks like the kind of cunt that would try bumming your soufflé.

  3. Tony Says:

    Kim, I thought he was a celebrity greengrocer!

  4. PBR Comedy Says:

    Thank you Kim, that is a wonderful poster, d’ya think Co-op Group’ll use it in future.

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    […] there’s one pop-culture phenomenon that, although it’s been pilloried by many, I can’t get enough of, nor am I willing to disparage it. I speak of the cult of the […]

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