PLAYING IT COOL (latest video by Kim Noble)

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2 Responses to “PLAYING IT COOL (latest video by Kim Noble)”

  1. Jessica Horvath Says:

    Ms Featherstone have had a burning itch in her vagina since she met that utmost interesting man, called Mr Crankshaw. She didn’t know his first name (“P. D. Crankshaw” it said on his card), but she figured, his first name must be Patrick. She had always wanted to have a man called Patrick. Or perhaps Percival.
    Anyways, she consulted her best friend what to do, and her best friend Melanie told her not to call him too soon as she ALWAYS fucking does; a soon call might come across as needy and cause fear and disappointment, for men always want to be the hunter rather than the prey. So Ms Featherstone waited quite a long time until her poor little pussy couldn’t take the heat no more. And then she called Mr. Crankshaw. But he would never pick up. So Ms Featherstone decided to sew shut her vagina and buy a lot of cats and never ever to talk to a man again.
    The end.

  2. Keith Says:

    Women are difficult to undestand Mr Crankshaw.

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