The Highlight of Ones Life

The birth of a child, your Wedding day, moving into your first house with a loved one,…treasured memories

So imagine my disdain when i realised the highlight of my life happened 18 years by the pool table in the Bull & Gate, in Kentish Town.
Chesney Hawkes (he sang I Am The One And Only in which topped the charts for 5 week in 1991) was standing holding a pint of Fosters.
I was stood about 2 metres away from him.
There was only 4 people in the Pub.

Then this happened…

Chesney dropped his pint and it looked as if he had pissed himself….
There…THATS BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE. (and i presume life will never again reach the joyous pleasure of that moment). CUNT.


4 Responses to “The Highlight of Ones Life”

  1. paintergirl Says:

    Pretty sweet moment tho’.

  2. cuntwithaphone Says:

    An ex told me that he came to play at their student union(around 2000 I think). Played ‘the one and only’ then started playing another song until everyone persuaded him to play the one and only over and over again until he cried. Here’s his website had a listen to his new stuff, it’s pretty shit, he should replace the songs with ‘the one and only’ if he knew what was good for him.

    • kimnoble Says:

      that sounds like one of the greatest ‘happenings’ of the modern age. i wish i had been there.

      • cuntwithaphone Says:

        It did sound pretty epic. I’m not sure if his tears were visible to the naked eye or not. I wish now that I’d listened to the whole story, I think like what happens most times, I started creating the rest of the story in my head. But I remember that it did start out as kind of harmless fun, or maybe people did genuinely want to hear him play ‘the one and only’ again, but then it just got malicious and elevated into just plain bullying. Someone probably made him eat dog shit at the end of it.

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