helpful banking? Fuck off!

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3 Responses to “BANKS ARE SHIT”

  1. twatmonkey Says:

    i have to do my office’s bankin in Natwest…full of photos of a different universe where faces merge into smiles and depression-inducing taglines promote the world of corporate arseholes.

  2. Topple Says:

    Maybe you should make your own literature warning would be homeowners of helpful wankers then smuggle them into the bank onto their shelves by the cues of impatient people losing their lunch breaks.

    A guy answered the door when carol singing as a child, after listening intently to silent night he told us we can’t have any money because he lost his job, can’t afford his mortgage payments and his wife had just left him and taken the kids with her, he then cried on his door step until we slowly backed away.

    Have never trusted banks since then.

  3. adrian Says:

    it wasn’t v helpful when they charged me 21 squid for going over by 56p

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