Well a new therapy is available for free.

Just spend a few minutes everyday in the dog food section of your local supermarket


With names like:  Winalot (yes you are victorious), Hero (thats you), Pal (you have many friends), cesar (a Roman Emporor to boot), how can you not feel more passionate about life.

however i feel we may be ignoring reality here…so i’ve decided to make my own dog food to bring us back to earth.

printing my own labels at home,

re-labeling some cans, and placing them back on the shelves, i bring you an all new dog food….

…LIFES A BITCH (because it is)

me web


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One Response to “NEW CURE FOR DEPRESSION: Dog Food”

  1. kerry Says:

    This is one of my favourites – I may even break the cycle of agorophobia and get to Leyton Asda in the hope of boosting my serotonin levels!

    You will also find that, isle 13 sign reads “Lager, toilet rolls”


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