Its strange to commence a piece of writing with the phrase ‘words fail me’ and then go on to use words to describe something. but in this case I’m not going to. what I’m going to do, is say: “Inception, words fail me’ then I’m going to make myself vomit into a jar and drink it, vomit it up and drink it again…I will repeat this for over 2 hours 30 minutes, the time it took me to watch that ‘absolute shite’ (my intial review I used as I left the cinema)

The group of nobs in an office that came up with that “oh so trying to be clever..but ended up absolute nonsense” screenplay should be shot.
And to save you time and money in the end it was either 1) all a dream 2) a set up for an even worse sequel.
To the ‘friend’ that suggested we go…you’re a fucken bitch.

(1 out of 18 cocks..because it made me want to kill again and thats no bad thing)

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5 Responses to “REVIEW *1 : INCEPTION”

  1. cranialfarting Says:

    Yeah, but if you watch it backwards it’s only 28 minutes long

  2. twatmonkey Says:

    i fell asleep in the cinema during it…then realised i wasnt sleeping at all

  3. Tania Says:

    It was absolute shite!!!!! I missed the first ten minutes but soon realised it made little difference. Hopefully there wont be a follow on…… :/

  4. Concerned parent Says:

    How uncouth!

  5. Killerfatbird Says:

    Excellent, I felt alone in the world beause i was the only person who thought this was gash. What I have learnt from this is the only way to lead a normal life with friends who I have something in common with it to ditch everyone I talk to and speak only to people who think that shit stuff sucks on the interenet.

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