theres a man* over there somewhere who obviously hated my show. (he made his feelings known at the end of the performance). If you are him then email at this address : and i’d be happy to give you:
a) a refund
b) a call so that you can discuss the evening in full
c) a hug
d) an hour of my life (as you gave to me) to come round your house/apartment and generally tidy up.

*i use the singular but i am fully aware this should may be plural.

my montreal performances


7 Responses to “Montreal”

  1. A. Fan Says:

    Mr. Noble,

    I personally loved your show and hope Montrealer’s are treating you well.
    Even though I didn’t treat you with my feelings after the show, I am in need of help tidy up my apartment.

    Thanks in advance,

    A. Fan

  2. Jony pop Says:

    Mr. Noble

    I also really appreciated your show and thought it was a well spent hour in your company. That said, I am still happy I sat in the last row!

    Thanks for such great time and with all the coverage you have received so far, Montrealers are in love with you. Real deep passionate love. Hope that makes you feel special!

  3. JT UTAH Says:

    I saw your show twice!

  4. Seb & Max Says:

    Great Show!
    Sooo funny…
    Poor girl….

  5. Anne-Marie Says:

    I saw your show. Even though I was horrified by the shocking parts, I went home pretty happy that night. Hope you’ll continue to make people happy.
    Have a good day ! 🙂
    Oh and just for my mental health, please tell me it was water inside the little cup you gave me.

  6. Johnny Says:

    Dear Mr. Noble,

    I brought my girlfriend early in our relationship and she was left speechless, not an easy thing to do believe me. I got the tickets at a discount I think in the end it was money well spent.

    • kimnoble Says:

      thankyou for coming to the show. if you get married then please inform me. if you have child with this women, please inform me. infact on most major incidents in this realtionship, inform me. best of luck. and thankyou once again

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