X-Box, Play station and lesbian death

The latest war in game consoling sees the arrival of Ps3 motion controller. It gives gamers “complete movement and power in gaming” said one man with glasses

The new console allows the gamer to “actualy live the game” as demonstrated above in the game: “Fuck You Lesbian”. Taking the role of Endonrono, the all powerful TimeLord of planet Nibula, you seek out, finger and destroy any number of “bitchos”.

Not to be outdone, Wii fit have upped the anti with Wii fit Resort 2. A representive mentioned that it is almost like the real thing. Gamers are given a ‘frisbee’ to throw to a friend in a park. The action and movement are “exactly the same as actually throwing a real frisbee”.

Other Games include: Table Tennis. In a similar vein, the consule is placed in the cupboard and replaced with a virtually identical bat, ball and table, down at the local leasure centre. Players literaly play ping pong in the usual way.

The Man said “the movement is identical to real life, allowing freedom and control”

happy gamers return from playing Wii fit Tennis


One Response to “X-Box, Play station and lesbian death”

  1. cranialfarting Says:

    I heard the Wii version of “cooking momma” comes with an actual hot oven simulator and is ages 3+

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