KIM NOBLE : is a ginger prick & Rohypnol

Today i bought a Bible… but i digress….
I was recently described amongst other things as being a ginger prick at student comedy night.
(and yes, i agree, do have a disgusting stomach…but its not as bad as it was a few years back during the pregnancy)

me pregnant

Although factually incorrect in places i have taken onboard all comments made…

I digress….today i bought a bible and on the way home i saw this woman who seemed so lovely and peaceful that i decided to leave her to another would be attacker.

an advertisement for Rohypnol & Rape or Oxford Landing's Sauvignon Blanc or Investment in The Underground

my webosit

One Response to “KIM NOBLE : is a ginger prick & Rohypnol”

  1. Jorge Says:

    I went to see Joe Daniels that night. Fucker slept with my girlfriend. What a cunt.

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