I’ve been invited to speak at Oxford Universities HUMAN SCIENCES 40th anniversary SYMPOSIUM: Exploring the links between mental disorders and creativity in society.

I’m 2nd up of 3 speakers.
The other 2 are proffesors in Psychiatry and anthro…something.

so, at first glance, coming second…may see like a plum spot…the meat between the the bread. (the expression meat and two veg, also sprung to mind..but i quickly dismissed that as i believe it has strong sexual connotations..

prof1 and me and prof2

However i’m now looking on my position somewhat apprehensively now.

I feel a little bit like the labortory rat awaiting disection.

or rocky dennis in the film: Mask

We both have ginger hair

I might get mauled


Infact my right and left flanks are always very vulnerable
and then i might even have to deal with questions


having said that I hear Oxford is very nice.

I’ve only been there once before.
and never masturbated there at all.

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5 Responses to “KIM NOBLE : SHARK ATTACKS in Oxford”

  1. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive Says:

    Good luck! I’m off to the Emergence exhibition tomorrow , which has been a collection of art from people with personality disorders exploring creativity and recovery. Should be interesting.

  2. miranda gavin Says:

    Hey there, I love your description of you as the lab rat and the meat and two veg, and the diagram is great.

    That’s quite a subject – mental disorder and creativity, did you see the Bobbt Baker show at the Wellcome Institute?

    • kimnoble Says:

      i didnt see it? was it any good? to be honest i saw her pea show at the barbican 1-2 years ago…and wanted to kill myself…but before hand i would have walked into her dressing room and shot her…(so smug she deserved at least a slap)

      although i will give he the benefit of my doubting as a other things shes done have been grand…

  3. Kitty Says:

    Loved the bobby baker. Always dismissed her as a bit too 80’s stylee 90’s but she has the same personality disorder as myself. Loved every picture. I think it was a perfect way to describe her experiences. All i manage to do is tell my loved one i’ll be fine for a weekend alone and a couple of bottles of vino later i’m rubbing the red stuff on watercolour paper like anyone gives a shit.

  4. Rocksand Says:

    Did that shark attack really actully happen cause wow that looks like the shark took ur leg bit and then ate ur insides!!? W.T.F.

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