Bankers come in for a lot of shit these days…but i’ve realised how quickly investments can go wrong:

looking at ebay, i noticed someone was trying to sell a flyer from the recent show i was involved in.

i felt delirious…over joyed. Not only was it wonderous for a deflated ego….the finical benefits could be massive.

i’ve a whole pile of flyers i was to embarrased to give out….and here in front of me was a chance to not only clear them from below my bed, but get rid of the shed loads still left at the theatre. I could now begin to think about setting aside some money for a deposit.  (i’m not exactly sure what i need a deposit for yet though)

joy turned to pain however as i noticed at 99p no one had even bid. i tried bidding myself, to up my statue in the market place. However i forgot my password and failed the security.

Prologue: although i have nothing to do with the watches on sale under my name, i would, fully endorse them, and personally consider them official merchandise along with this promotional video.


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