Pre show in a toilet in Witherspoons. (there was no lock on the door and the gap underneath was large enough to walk out from). i was thinking…..

…..that i’d very much like the arrangement for tonights audience to be something like this….

how ever….it will probably be like this….

for tickets press here. For up to date infomation on the best toilets on the market press here.


3 Responses to “KIM NOBLE’S AUDIENCE”

  1. anna scott Says:

    hello dear boy,

    my dad, the priest, came to see the show last week with some friends apparently( I couldn’t as I was in NY ha ha ha).

    He did not sit in either of those chairs


  2. Neil Tennant Says:

    I sat in the place you are pointing to in the first picture and I am a real cunt. I am coming back to watch you again tonight and I will sit in that same space so your lucks out loser…

    • kimnoble Says:

      thank you for coming to the show. and sitting in that position.
      is that really who i think it is…cos if so…i’ll go and get rid of that seat and build a church there first thing tomorow.
      thanks kindly

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