KIM NOBLE : a Belgian isn’t in a coma

There are few people who are worth their place on this planet. Rom Houben is one of those.
The Belgian man, surviving a horific car crash was thought to be in a vegetative state for 23 years, however he was conscious all along..he has lived in a state of non-communication with the outisde world until now. I admire this man.

If Esther Rantzen was still alive i’m sure a ‘heart of gold’ badge would be winging its way to Liege. And deservedly so.

Rom with his special keyboard

After a new head scan, doctors found that his brain was active and he can now communicate using a special keypad.

It made me think of other so called ‘vegetables’

A vegetable?

and the stories they might tell if they were given special keypads.

a vegetable with speakable pad allowing communication

Fotunately for Rom, he is from belgium, so he didn’t actually miss anything.

2 Responses to “KIM NOBLE : a Belgian isn’t in a coma”

  1. carly jackson-hawkes Says:

    hey kim thats a bit harsh my brother in law is belgian! there again he does live over here

  2. rachel Says:

    potatoes aren’t vegetables. they are tubers.

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