KIM NOBLE ON: Kim Noble is Shortlisted for an award & breasts

With december nearly upon us its time to once again turn our attention to The BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award Ceremony.
Although a personality award for someone who is sportsman seems a little far-fetched i am delighted that the BBC have announced that :

“A final batch of tickets for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year event in Sheffield will go on sale at 0900 GMT on Tuesday 17 November. The event at the Sheffield Arena will be the biggest yet with about 11,000 people in attendance.”

the awards are as follows:

Team of the Year
• Coach of the Year
• Overseas Personality
• Young Personality
• Helen Rollason Award
• Unsung Hero Award
• Lifetime Achievement
• Sports Personality of the Year

I wish we didn’t live in such an award driven society but on a personal note i believe im an outsider for the unsung Hero Award. i played football for the cubs reserve team 5 times in the 80’s and only got this piece of shit.

1st sunbury reserve team appearance award 1983-84

To be remembered fully for my achievements and be presented with the award by Willie Thorn would be a tremendous accolade.

i expect i’d be eligible for The Helen Rollason Award “for outstanding sporting achievement in the face of adversity” because i managed 12 press ups down the gym even with a slight bruising on my left arm

a slight bruising

This year’s show will once again be hosted by Sue Barker, Gary Lineker and Jake Humphrey.

(apologies to Sue Barker for this picture. my blog stats have taken a dip recently and this was one way of addressing that decline.)

2 Responses to “KIM NOBLE ON: Kim Noble is Shortlisted for an award & breasts”

  1. FRANCOIS Says:

    Which Sue Carpenter are you referring tç??? Can’t be the UK tv star ‘coz I’ve been there and done that in ’76 and even so many years after she won’t have had time to grow them to that blooming impressive size…

  2. Emily Says:

    the possible ironic sophistication of your blog entry doesn’t work for me

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