KIM NOBLE ON : RESULTS Of A-ha breakup

THANK if you voted regarding what X should do with the 2 a-ha tickets bought, but were in Y’s possession:

i’d like to thank you each individually for voting, but instead i’m sitting here picturing you….You. You. Siting else where. up right, facing this screen..
erect and engaged, reading with those eyes of yours.


Back to THE A-HA GIG

Unfortunately there were 2 empty seats at the O2 centre during the A-ha performance.
but does it really matter. As long as other seats were being used. A seat is still a seat. (contrary to the view expressed by Kevin spacey’s (of K-pax fame) advert for American Airlines

kevin spacey

X was sitting down during the concert but just in a slightly different in fact:

Green street Medical Centre

Y, i understand, was at another NHS outlet in another part of the country..

10% -Ask y if x can sell the ticket(s) on ebay. a financial incentive may ease part of the heart ache.

24% -Try and forget the whole damn thing. they are y tickets now anyway, a-ha’s new album is shit and y obviously doesnt give a shit anymore.

18% -Go to the concert. perhaps it will be a nice

7% -Phone in a bomb scare on the greenwich peninsula prior to the concert.

47% -Start an a-ha tribute band. (perhaps called te-he)

others from you:

1%-Get a banner, invade the stage. let y know they are a xxxx, get free promo for x

1%-Spunk on the tickets

1%-Call up y and just insist on having the tickets back.

1%-ahh. sad problem for all. piss on her, shit in the tickets

So an a-ha band it the forthcoming weeks i will put this in place….


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