KIM NOBLE ON : being disabled

still terrorist
last month i was asked to provide a film, previously made, for a forthcoming event at the soho curzon cinema.
i was happy to oblige as the short film entitled: How to survive a terrorist attack, was banned from an event at the Tate last year.

However the event at the cinema is discribed as : Short Films and Discussion On The Disabled Vanguard.
Now i’m delighted to be labelled ‘disabled’. but i’m unsure exactly why?
I dont use one of these:
(although i did wheel myself round a shopping precinct in Preston many years ago)
i am dyslexic.
i did once shit myself.
i suffer from occasional mental disturbances.
i have ginger hair.
and bad breath.

I’m happy with these to be used as my reason for joining the ‘less-abled’ amongst us as long as i can now officially park here:

link to film at curzon on 8th nov 09

parking bay

3 Responses to “KIM NOBLE ON : being disabled”

  1. katie Says:

    Hello, I’m sorry I missed this, I like your animations very much.
    Might there be other chances to see the film?

  2. Lula Says:

    so i might have wasted £15. i knew i should have gone with aladdin. pam anderson and her big boobs, brian blessed and his big voice…

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