KIM NOBLE “The Loneliness of The Anwara Tandoori Takeaway” opens 29th October

With a Private View and exhibition to promote, i am worried about the marketing campaign.
I decided to use up to the minute methods: by sending an email, which thus far has instigated 213 Mail System Undelivered Messages returned and 16 ‘Out of Office’ auto responses and 1 bitch called cathy who wanted me to be removed from my address book.

my spirits have been dramatically lifted when i read Duncan Bannatyne’s “Anyone Can Do It”.

He said its not the amount of contacts you have…its the quality. so i went for a different approach.

Letts Diary

a highly selective marketing campaign to identify the best ‘clients’ i can get.
i was in tescos metro.
i spotted a very nice lady buying a blue 20009/2010 diary…
i realised she was the exact person i need to attract.

diary entry

so i wrote in another diary

then placed it back on the shelf
Letts diary off the shelf

and left it there…so hopefully who ever buys that diary….
Letts diary with page entry already added

….will come to the exhibition.

“The Loneliness of Anwara Tandoori Takeaway”
As the 5th solo intervention at Domobaal, during the exhibition, “Time Is A Sausage” ;
I will be showing a new installation entitled “The Loneliness Of The Anwara Tandoori Takeaway”

The mini show takes place over 3 days:
29/10 – 31/10

Private view (all welcome) :
29/10 6-8pm

Time is a Sausage

17/09 – 19/12


T+44 20 7242 9604 M+44 7801703871




2 Responses to “KIM NOBLE “The Loneliness of The Anwara Tandoori Takeaway” opens 29th October”

  1. the vacuum cleaner Says:

    genius idea, just don’t let those bastard shoreditch pr people find out about it…

  2. Lula Says:

    Genius indeed ! Though ‘Unwatchable’ for a promotional quote for the KNWD show is pretty seductive and the trailers inspired.

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