KIM NOBLE ON : Caring for people with depression

MY darlings
please read the london underground signage on the northern line for priority seating.

false tube sign

i believe they’ve made a mistake. it should thus:

 correct tube sign

so next time please give up your seat for a manic depressive whose done well to make it this far.



3 Responses to “KIM NOBLE ON : Caring for people with depression”

  1. Lula Says:

    aww. your lovely. i’ve chuckled with a frown all week at all things noble.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Kim, I’ve shared the website address with family and friends, my daughter loves it too! We’re big fans of depression!!

  3. Didds Says:

    ha ha a much improved signage, i too wander what is the point of our everyday existence. Why are we all striving to be the best, the most supreme, survival of the fittest. Why is it not survival of the funniest or the lamest. I would win the last one for sure!! then i could happily or unhappily be it may produce offspring who are guaranteed to not give a shit, steal a fifty from Dad and leave home at 16, it’s a win win!! In fact this has just given me the idea of reversing all that tidying up of the house i did this morning. If your environment reflects your head then I shall rearrange it into a mess!! A bloody non sensical mess, aaah that’s better. And if someone asks why is your house a mess, I shall just reply “blame it on my alchoholic schizo Mother and seemingley angelic Father. Extreme! rock n roll sign to the kids, yours messily Adrian aka Didds!

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