KIM NOBLE ON “How to Practice Peace and understanding

I’ve been attending buddhist teachings on a wednesday night in my local library. We are told to be more accepting of everyone and everything. but on my way home…

man urinating beside car
…this man was taking a wee in the street, slyly opening his car door, opening his fly and then urinating.
I photographed him as he was shaking his penis. But I imagine it looked like this.

a male member. not to scale.
(This image has been mosaiced, so not to cause offence and is not to scale)

At first I was outraged.

But anger turned to acceptance, even love, as I returned home and remembered that 4 nights before, I was caught short myself in the middle of the night and only had a fresh orange juice bottle with a little left in, to hand.

a reminder to practice peace and love to all fellow man

I got home and looked at that partly filled bottle in a different light.
It now sits proudly on my bed side table as a reminder to accept people with different ways, habits and cultures.

Ironically it was in a SAINBURYS TASTE THE DIFFERENCE bottle.



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