KIM NOBLE ON: how cars helped save our planet yesterday

I didn’t know him.
But I got a pretty good idea he died yesterday on high holborn.

The incident happened only moments before the 171, I was on, passed him by.
I don’t think he feel from the sky.
So I assume he was hit by a vehicle, possibly a ford focus.

But the feeling I had was one of enormous joy;
He might have been a nob.
And that’s a scientific fact.
I made the calculation; out of everyone I’ve meet/known/or seen at least 60% fall into the bracket of ‘people who annoy me’
Therefore, the chances are, he was a fucken dick. A complete arsehole.
no one around seemed to give two hoots about him; the postman, the lady with a bike eating a snickers, the fella asking the police for directions to the council offices.
no one cared, apart from those being paid to do so, even the woman hovering over the body was asking if they could push it over to the gutter, because she was in a rush to drop the kids off at the pool (and by that i mean she wanted a shit).
I feel for his parents though.Having to bring him up.
They must be well chuffed.

High Holbern 6.16 Yesterday

High Holbern 6.16 Yesterday

Good I say.
More sacrifices please.
There are too many of us anyway.


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5 Responses to “KIM NOBLE ON: how cars helped save our planet yesterday”

  1. Ben Says:

    I’ve been on the 171 too!

  2. Barbara Says:

    Can you tell me what brand of anti depressants you use?

  3. Lula Says:


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