indian shop

this is Anwara Tandoori. 

i pass it everyday

i wave to the man inside

he waves back

i’ve walked passed it most days, for 3 years now.

he never has customers

he works alone.

i occasional pop in and order a jal fraze

and a prawn puree.

we chat briefly about how slow business is.

i like him.

he is a genlte old man, but i cant help feeling how lonely he must be sat there every day waiting for orders that never come.

i once asked him to step outside to see the amusing roadworksign outside his take away

i thought it might cheer him up.


.road sign with a penis








but it didn’t.



One Response to “Kim Noble on LONELINESS”

  1. Tom Says:

    I live just around the corner from this too. For the first year of living near the place, I just thought it had closed down and they hadn’t taken the already minimal signage down. I recommend their peshwari naan.

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